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linha pontilhada

Three lessons from my blogger life

During these 2 and a half years as a professional blogger, I’ve learned 3 very important things that I feel the need to share with you:

1- Blogging would never be a profession if someone hasn’t decided to make it one.

What I mean by that is: create your opportunities, create you business, create your life. Money comes when you pursue it with honesty and dedication. You can find a profitable job that is aligned to your dreams. Dedicate yourself on that and you will succeed.

2- We have to trust our potential.

I can’t even start to count how many people have told me to find a real job, to change things I was doing, to go back to living a “real life” or even that I wasn’t capable of achieving something only with “instagram”. The reality is I was and I am capable of everything. That’s the mentality we have to have. Of course we should listen with care to the insights our friends and loved ones often give us – lots of them will make very important considerations – the key here, though, is to learn to identify those who want (even without intention) to bring you down from those who want to push your forward.  You are powerful. This thought is half of your journey’s path.

3- Life doesn’t have to be boring.

This is probably the most important truth I started to believe in during the past couple of years. If you hate Mondays, if you hate your actual job, if you’re always complaining about life, do some change. It’s your life, you are in charge and you are the only responsible for failing in having a happy one. Don’t blame the children, the boss, the parents, the politicians, the country, the weather, the dog. No excuses! It’s your life, your choices. Make a change! What is that thing that motivates you? What is that thing that not only you love but can’t spend a day without doing it? That’s probably the activity you are better at, so make something out of it. In my case, it was traveling. Yours could be drawing, reading, writing, cycling, building stuff, it could even be arguing and convincing people you are always right – (maybe there’s a lawyer hidden in there). Let me tell you a secret: it can sound like a very lazy person’s answer, it’s OK. Mine does, right? TRAVELING. Traveling is the perfect cliché for those who want nothing but to live life the fullest. What counts is what you make out of your “lazy” answer. If drawing is your thing, what could you do to make some money out of it, and to make people feel interested about your art? How about finding friends with similar taste and ability and start creating charges, kids’ stories?

I have a friend whose passion is to make jokes, create enigmas and brainteasers. Well guess what: He now works for bars and events in Rio de Janeiro creating game nights using all his knowledge and expertise on the matter. Who would believe he could turn that into a business?

Your passion has to be your routine. Or the lack of routine. You don’t have to hate your job! Please, think about that. You are in charge and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to make a change.


Note: I am not telling you to quit your job today and start singing in the shower every morning and expect your bank account to grow. Let’s be realistic. I am telling you, first of all, to think. Learn what your passions are. Then, please, think again. What can you do with that. Create. Trust yourself. Try. Fail. Try again. This is already the change. To make it a definite change might take some time. But start now. It’s beyond worth it. Your life appreciates it! I want no lazy butts on the couch 🙂 work, work, work and make it happen!

I hope this section has motivated you somehow and mostly I hope I can really help you to live a happier life. In the end, that’s what really counts – and that’s what we’re all in the pursuit of.

Safe travels,


linha pontilhada

Ps. Please apologize my grammar and spelling mistakes – as you can see English is not my first language.

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